Dd Form 2558 - Authorization To Start, Stop Or Change An Allotment Instructions


Supplemental Instructions
DD Form 2558
Authorization to Start, Stop or Change an Allotment
When to use this form:
The DD Form 2558 is used when you need to start a new allotment to deduct from your retired pay account, or
stop and/or make a change to an allotment that is currently deducting from your retired pay account.
To complete the DD Form 2558, please carefully read the instructions below and complete all information as
requested. Please note an incomplete DD Form 2558 will delay the processing of the changes to your account.
However, this form is not mandatory when starting, stopping, or changing an allotment. You may also submit
an allotment request in writing. Please ensure all requests are signed and dated.
Instructions by Section
• Forms that are not signed & dated will be returned to the requestor
Please return all documents to:
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Retired and Annuitant Pay
P.O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130
Please direct questions to the address above or call our customer service representatives at 800-321-1080,
between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


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