Checklist Of Requirements To File An Affidavit For Collection Of Small Estate - Circuit Court Of St. Louis County


Checklist of Requirements to File an
Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate
Case Category – Probate Decedent Estates
Case Type – Small Estate Affidavit – With Will
Small Estate Affidavit – Without Will
NOTE: Unless specifically stated, all documents to be filed with the court (designated in bold italics)
shall be submitted as a separate document – not an attachment.
1. Party Information for all parties including spouse, heirs and legatees entered with full social
security numbers, birth dates, and date of death.
2. Copy of Death Certificate. (Document Category – Certificate of)
3. Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate form. It cannot be filed until 30 days after date of
death. (Document Category – Affidavit for/in/of – Establish Title of Distributee/Establish Title
of Distributee with Will.
4. If there is a will:
Delivery of the Will (Document Category – Filing – Other/Miscellaneous)
Application for Probate of Will (Document Category – Affidavit for/in/of – Death and
Application for Probate of Will)
5. Limited to a net value of $40,000.00 or less after liens; mortgages; and expenses.
Itemized list of debts
Documentation to support the debts – see No. 6 below.
Separate affidavit from affiant* stating they agree to pay any and all claims before
making distribution of remaining assets if assets total more than $40,000.00 before
debts applied/deducted.
*(Document Category – Affidavit for/in/of – Affidavit (other) – Document Description –
Affidavit of Affiant)
6. Supporting Documentation* – copies of documentation of assets with current values may be
submitted as 1 document but must be a separate document from the application:
Bank Accounts: Bank name; account numbers (do not need to know what type of
account); current balance
Stocks and bonds – Stock certificate numbers; number of shares, names of companies,
classes of stock, and current fair market value; indicate whether shares are listed on a
securities exchange, sold over the counter or closely held.
Brokerage Accounts – must list account number, list stocks and bonds contained in
account, or attach brokerage statement detailing investments.
Vehicles - vehicle description listing year, name of manufacturer, model, and vehicle
identification number and current value;
Insurance policies - insurance company name and policy number, face/cash value;
Safe Deposit Boxes - safe deposit box number, bank name and inventory of assets;
Jewelry or coins – appraisal


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