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Date of review
Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service
Site Review Sheet
(October 2017)
Site name
Reviewer name or SEID
A. Review conducted by
B. Type of review
C. Advanced Notification
Field site visit
Partner review
Remote site review
Instructions: This form is used to measure the site’s adherence to the Quality Site Requirements (QSR), Volunteer Standards of
Conduct (VSC), and to monitor site operations for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance/Tax Counseling for the Elderly Programs. Do not
enter any information that identifies a specific person in the comments box. NOTE: The term “coordinator” includes both site
coordinators and local/district coordinators. Open-ended interview questions are provided in parentheses, when appropriate. Comments
are required for answer options which are underlined and can be used to indicate corrective actions taken. Questions used to determine
how to answer the measurement question are in italics. The measurement questions for determining if a site review is adhering to a
QSR are in bold. Partners should use Publication 5140, Partner Site & Return Review Job Aid, for assistance in completing this form.
SPEC employees should use Document 13170, Form 6729-D Job Aid, for assistance in completing this form.
QSR # 1: Certification
1 Did the site meet the components for QSR 1? (Explain the process used to confirm
volunteer certification.)
No-Not certified in Volunteer Standards of Conduct
No-Unable to verify
No-Not certified in Intake/Interview and Quality Review
No-Not certified in tax law
No-Other (use if more than one "No" applies)
2 Did the coordinator receive coordinator training?
QSR # 2: Intake/Interview & Quality Review Process
3 Did the site meet all components of QSR 2? (Explain the Intake/Interview & Quality
Review Process used at this site.)
No-Not using Form 14446 (Virtual Site)
No-Not using Form 13614-C
No-Does not quality review all returns
No-Not interviewing the taxpayer
No-Incomplete Quality Review Process
No-Using an unapproved Quality Review
No-Not reviewing Form 13614-C
No-No process to identify out-of-scope issues
No-No process to assign returns based on
No-Not advising taxpayers of responsibility
volunteer certification
No-Other (use if more than one "No" applies)
QSR # 3: Confirming Photo Identification and Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Are all volunteers confirming the identities of the primary/secondary taxpayers and
taxpayer identification numbers for everyone listed on the return? (Explain the
process used to confirm taxpayer identities and taxpayer identification numbers.)
Yes-Photo ID's checked or exception applies
No-Not confirming taxpayer Identification
No-Not reviewing photo identification
No-Spouse/Taxpayer not present/No Power of
No-Other (use if more than one "No" applies)
QSR # 4: Reference Materials
5 Are all required reference materials available at the site? (Tell me what reference
material you use at the site.)
No-Publication 17 not available
No-Publication 4012 not available
No-Neither publication is available
6 Is there a process which ensures all volunteer alerts are reviewed by all IRS-tax law certified
volunteers? (What is your process for delivering volunteer alerts to your volunteers?)
QSR # 5: Volunteer Agreement
Are all Forms 13615 signed and dated by the volunteer and approving official? (Tell me the
process for securing signed volunteer agreements.)
No-Not signed/dated by volunteer or approving official
No-Unable to verify
No-Form 13206 does not certify Forms 13615 validation
8 Were any violations to the Volunteer Standards of Conduct identified?
No violations identified
Yes-Violation to VSC 4
Yes-Violation to VSC 1
Yes-Violation to VSC 5
Yes-Violation to VSC 2
Yes-Violation to VSC 6
Yes-Violation to VSC 3
Catalog Number 66908D
(Rev. 10-2017)


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