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Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service
Agreement to Bid
(August 2016)
I, the undersigned, in consideration of the United States Government offering for public sale the property described below, agree to bid
at least the amount of $
for the property if offered for sale within
days from the date of this agreement.
Legal property description (attach additional pages, as needed)
Property address
I authorize the enclosed deposit of $
to be applied against the sale price if I am the successful bidder.
I understand and agree that if I do not bid at least the amount specified in this agreement and the property is not sold for at least such
amount within the time specified above, my deposit will be retained pending final determination of the damages the Government
sustained because of my breach of this agreement. If damages exceed the amount of the deposit, I further understand and agree I will
be liable for the excess damages.
I understand that the Government reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to withdraw the property from sale. If the property is
not offered for sale within the time specified above, I understand this agreement is voided.
Signature of Bidder
Bidder Information
Name (print/type)
Telephone number
Street address
Zip code
Catalog Number 29514X
(Rev. 8-2016)


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