Sample Volunteer Letter


NOTE: The letter must include the terms of the volunteer agreement (i.e., begin date, end date (if
any), time commitment, responsibilities), whom to contact with questions, the insurance
paragraph and the ID card paragraph. The Volunteer Fact Sheet must be attached to the letter.
Dear XXX,
Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your services to UW-Madison and specifically this
department. We look forward to you helping us with the project.
Based on our previous discussions, your activities as a volunteer will be [briefly describe the
responsibilities]. You will begin x/x/xx and continue for as long as we mutually wish to
maintain the relationship [specific end date also possible]. You have indicated that you can
spend approximately xx hours [or list a range] per week on these activities.
Please read carefully the attached “Volunteer Fact Sheet.” Note that receipt of this letter makes
you an official volunteer and that you will be covered by the State’s liability protection program
so long as you perform your duties within the scope of the description provided above. Since
volunteers are not covered by the state’s worker compensation program, however, you are
encouraged to maintain your own health insurance. If you should be injured during the course of
your activities and the injury results from the negligence of a University employee or agent, you
would have the same legal rights to seek compensation as would any visitor to the campus.
As a retiree of the University, you are eligible for an ID card. If you don’t already have one, you
may want to contact the administrator of your former department. [IF THE VOLUNTEER IS
If you have any questions about your volunteer service to our department, please do not hesitate
to let me know [insert appropriate departmental email here]. Again, thank you for your
willingness to donate your time, energy and expertise. We really appreciate it!


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