Form 8816 - Special Loss Discount Account And Special Estimated Tax Payments For Insurance Companies

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Special Loss Discount Account and Special
Estimated Tax Payments for Insurance Companies
OMB No. 1545-0123
(Rev. September 2017)
Attach to tax return.
Department of the Treasury
Go to for the latest information.
Internal Revenue Service
Employer Identification Number
Part I
Special Loss Discount Amount
Accident year
Undiscounted unpaid losses
Discounted unpaid losses
Special loss discount limitation.
Subtract line 2 from line 1
Special Loss Discount Account (See instructions.)
Part II
Balance at the beginning of the year
Additions—section 847(4)
Subtractions—section 847(5)
Balance at the end of the year.
Add lines 4 and 5 and subtract
line 6 from the result .
Part III
Special Estimated Tax Payments (See instructions.)
Balance at the beginning of the year
Payments made for year .
Prior section 847 payments
transferred to current year
Payments applied for year
Balance at the end of the year.
Add lines 8 through 10 and
subtract line 11 from the result .
Line 1. Enter the undiscounted unpaid
Section references are to the Internal
amount on the dotted line next to line 13
Revenue Code unless otherwise noted.
on Form 1120, Schedule J, Part II. This will
losses (as defined in section 846(b)) for
assist the IRS in properly accounting for
each accident year, measured as of the
Future Developments
your Special Estimated Tax Payments.
end of the tax year, related to losses
incurred in tax years beginning after
For the latest information about
When to file. Attach Form 8816 to the
December 31, 1986.
developments related to Form 8816 and its
Form 1120-PC, Form 1120-L, or Form
instructions, such as legislation enacted
Line 2. Enter the related discounted unpaid
1120 filed for the tax year of the additional
after they were published, go to
deduction and for each subsequent tax
losses determined under section 846.
year that has a remaining amount of unpaid
Part II. Special Loss Discount
losses resulting from the deduction.
General Instructions
Account (SLDA)
Specific Instructions
Keep a separate SLDA for each accident
Purpose of form. Form 8816 must be filed
year for which an additional deduction
by insurance companies that elect to take
Note: All line references to Form 1120-L,
under section 847 is claimed. Do not net
an additional deduction under section 847.
Form 1120-PC, and Form 1120 are to the
amounts from one year against amounts
2016 forms.
Consolidated return. Each member of a
from another year.
consolidated group claiming a section 847
Part I. Special Loss Discount
Line 4. Enter the balance in the SLDA at
deduction must file a separate Form 8816.
the beginning of the year for which this
Do not combine several taxpayers on one
return is filed.
Form 8816. If a consolidated return is filed
Accident year. Enter the four-digit
on Form 1120 and one or more members
accident year in the space provided at the
Line 5. The amount entered on line 5 may
of the group is claiming a section 847
top of each column. For example, enter
not exceed the amount on line 3. The total
deduction, enter “Form 8816” and the
accident year 2015 as 2015.
of the amount(s) reported on line 5 must be
For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see instructions.
(Rev. 9-2017)
Cat. No. 41382N


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