Mission Trip Packing List


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Mission Trip Packing List
Following is a general list of items you may consider bringing on your trip. Specific considerations will be reviewed during
the conference call process prior to your trip.
In general, we recommend that you wear short-sleeve shirts and long pants to help protect against unnecessary scrapes and cuts.
Do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals to the work site.
4 pairs of work pants (old jeans or scrubs)
2 pairs of nice jeans
1 pair of casual pants, such as khakis, or 1 skirt (for Wednesday night church service)
6 T-shirts
3 work shirts
work shoes (they might get muddy, painted or covered in concrete; work boots are ideal)
athletic shoes
swimsuit (one piece)
water shoes/aqua socks (or old sneakers/sandals that tie and can be worn in water, but no flip-flops)
sleep wear
sweatshirt or sweater
raincoat or poncho
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