Form Jfs 01332 - Child Care Handbook For Caretakers Licensed Type B Home Providers And Certified In-Home Aides


Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Provider Name
Phone Number (including area code)
Days and Hours of Operation
To Caretakers – type B home providers operate under rules in Chapter 5101:2-14 of the Ohio Administrative Code. They
are not employees of the County Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) or the Ohio Department of Job and
Family Services (ODJFS). Many of the requirements in this handbook depend on your cooperation, including submission
of your child’s records (child medical signed by the doctor, health information, and emergency transportation
authorization) in a timely manner. Also, you must provide written permission for your child to attend all field trips and
routine trips.
Maximum number of children permitted in care
No more than
children may be present at any one time.
Infants may be cared for at any one time.
The type B home provider has been issued a license which is posted (location):
The provider of the type B home provider is required, under section 2151.421, ORC to report suspicions of child abuse
or neglect to the county children's protective services agency
The caretaker of a child enrolled in the type B home shall
be permitted unlimited access to the parts of the home used during child care hours.
The caretaker shall notify the
provider that they are on the premises before entering the type B provider's home.
The type B home provider's
inspection report is available upon request from the CDJFS.
The provider agrees that in the performance of services,
there shall be no discrimination, retaliation or intimidation against any client, child, employee, contractor, or any person
acting on behalf of a contractor due to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, age, or ancestry. The provider
will comply with all appropriate federal and state laws regarding discrimination and the right to any method of appeal shall
be made available to all persons.
Enrollment Process - Prior to enrollment there must be a meeting between the provider and the caretaker to discuss and
complete the JFS 01634 "Caretaker/Provider Agreement".
The JFS 01297 "Child Enrollment and Health Information"
must be completed and given to the provider prior to care being provided for your child. A medical statement, indicating
that your child has been examined by a health care professional must be signed and submitted within 30 days of the
child's first day of care. Your child must be examined at least once every 13 months and the medical statement
completed, until your child enters the grade of kindergarten or above. Each year, the caretaker of each child must review
the information on the enrollment form and sign the form again verifying the information is accurate. Anytime there is a
change to this information, it should be communicated to the provider immediately to assure that current information is
always on file for every child.
Additional Enrollment Information
Disenrollment/Withdrawal Policy
JFS 01332 (1/2014)
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