Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License Instructions


New Application
Jurisdiction-Specific Requirements
1. Form MU4. Each individual shall apply for a Loan Originator license by submitting a form
MU4 through NMLS.
2. Filing Requirements. Upon receipt of the following, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation will
consider a Loan Originator application received and begin reviewing the application:
Form MU4 filed through NMLS
Statutorily required application fee and guaranty fund fee ($195 + $20)
Pre-Licensure Education: Completion of 20 hours of NMLS approved pre-licensure education
course , of which a minimum of 2 hours shall cover the provisions of Florida Law and Rules
Testing: Must satisfy one of the following three conditions:
1. Passing results on both the National and Florida State components of the SAFE Test, or
2. Passing results on both the National and Stand-alone UST components of the SAFE Test, or
3. Passing results on the National Test Component with Uniform State Content
FBI criminal history background check results
State criminal history background check results
Authorization for a credit report
The Florida Office of Financial Regulation will not begin its review of an application until all the
items listed above have been received. Once an application has been deemed received, the
NMLS status will change from “Pending-Incomplete” to “Pending-Review”. Once the status has
been changed to “Pending-Review” the application will be reviewed and deficiencies will be
added as license items in NMLS.
3. High School Education Requirement. Upload high school information via a PDF document to the
Verification of Experience section via Document Uploads section of the MU4. On the document
provide; your name, your NMLS ID number, name of school and the date the high school diploma, or
its equivalent, was received (a copy of the diploma is not required).
4. Age Requirement. A loan originator license will not be granted to an individual under the age of 18.
5. State Criminal Background Check. In addition to the FBI Criminal Background Check, submit
fingerprints to a Live Scan Service Provider, approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
(FDLE), for submission to the FDLE for a STATE ONLY criminal background check; please provide
ORI Number: FL737111Z to the Live Scan Provider for proper submission to FDLE. A list of approved
Live Scan Service Providers is available on the
website. Please note, the list contains many
national Live Scan Providers, as well as providers with hard scan capabilities if you are not able to find
a provider in your area.
This requirement is separate from the FBI Criminal Background Check
Resubmission of the prints for the state criminal background check may be required if incorrect
information (social security number, date of birth, etc.…) is provided to the Live Scan Service Provider.
Resubmission of prints will result in additional costs to the individual being reprinted.


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