Reflection Template - Deal Model For Critical Reflection


Reflection Template
DEAL Model for Critical Reflection
Use the following prompts to create a comprehensive reflection piece detailing your civic engagement
experience and what you learned from it.
Step 1: Describe
Describe your experience objectively. Answer the following prompts:
What did you do?
Where did you do it?
Who were you working with and/or for?
When did this happen?
Why did you do it?
What did you say or otherwise communicate?
Who else was there?
What did others do? What actions did you/others take?
Who didn’t speak or act?
What else happened that might be important (e.g., equipment failure, weather-related issues,
Step 2: Examine
Examine your experience in terms of ONE of the following four learning outcomes: civic knowledge, civic
skills, civic values, or civic motivation. Answer the prompts associated with ONE of the four learning
outcomes listed below.
Civic Knowledge (Intersection between academic enhancement and civic learning)
Did any academic concepts become apparent during this experience?
Were any academic concepts utilized to reach the goal you were trying to accomplish? How so?
Did you need to change your approach after new information and experiences were presented
to you?
What do the differences between your textbook and your experience in the community suggest
about changes that may be needed in the policies that affect the individuals your partner
organization serves?
How can you or others in the community use what you learned about the course material and
are there any challenges associated with doing so?
Did this experience differ from your initial expectations? Why or why not?
How does your civic engagement experience and academic knowledge inform your
understanding of systemic causes of the social, political, or civic issue on which you are focused?
Adapted from: Ash, Clayton, & Moses. (2009). Learning through Critical Reflection: A Tutorial for Service-Learning
Students. Raleigh, NC.


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