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Civic Skills (Intersection between civic learning and personal growth)
What was the goal you were trying to accomplish?
Were you able to effectively achieve your goal? Why or why not?
Which skills did you bring to the experience that helped you meet your goal?
How did your skills contribute to the diversity of the people with whom you worked? And how
did you approach the harnessing of those differences for maximal effectiveness?
Did you form any new assumptions that required you to change your approach? How so?
Did you acquire any new skills by having to work to achieve this goal?
Was this an easy or a difficult task to undertake? Why?
Did you recruit others to help accomplish your goals or raise awareness of the problem you are
actively trying to address? Why and how? Or Why not?
Civic Values (Intersection between personal growth and civic learning)
How did your strengths and weaknesses contribute to working towards the goal you were trying
to accomplish? What were the positive and negative effects of these personal characteristics?
What assumptions did you bring? And what new assumptions did you need to form as you
undertook this process?
Did your assumptions about members of the community make your experience more or less
successful when accomplishing your objectives?
Did your personal values regarding civic engagement play a role in helping you to accomplish
your goal? How and why? Or why not?
What effect did you and this experience have on others?
In evaluating the plan in light of its benefits and challenges, did you recognize any need for you
to change personally? How so?
Civic Motivation
Did this experience increase your sense of responsibility for acting on behalf of others?
Did this experience have any influence on your future educational or career path?
What personal knowledge and skills did you discover or acquire during this experience that will
assist you in your future endeavors in this area?
Did this experience inspire you to continue a commitment to serving others?
What steps have you taken - or do you plan to take - to implement this plan of continued
Adapted from: Ash, Clayton, & Moses. (2009). Learning through Critical Reflection: A Tutorial for Service-Learning
Students. Raleigh, NC.


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