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115. For a primary amenorrhoea individual having an XY karyotype, normal infantile
female external and internal genitalia fibrous
bands in place of gonad, lack of
development of secondary sexual characters, what is the most probable diagnosis?
(a) Testicular ferminization syndrome
(b) Mixed gonadal dysgenesis
(c) Swyer syndrome
(d) Defective antimullerian harmone
116. A lady who is using oral contraceptive pills comes with a complaint of vaginal
discharge and pruritus vulvae. On local examination, there is curdy white discharge from
the vagina. What is the most likely clinical diagnosis?
(a) Trichomonal vaginitis
(b) Monilial vaginitis
(c) Gardnerella vaginalis
(d) Atrophic vaginitis
117. Antisperm antibodies are usually present in:
(a) Cervix
(b) Vagina
(c) Uterus
(d) Fallopian tube
118. For a woman who has been operated for chocolate cyst with normal menstrual cycle,
any of the following may be prescribed except:
(a) Injection leuprolide
(b) Tranexamic acid
(c) Tablet dienogest
(d) Oral progestogens
For a 40 year old hypertensive woman, which one of the following is not
recommended for contraception?
(a) NuvaRing
(b) Minipill
(c) IUCD
120. A 30 year old female has severe dysmenorrhoea and dyspareunia. On examination,
uterus is 8 weeks size, uniformly enlarged and there is tenderness in posterior fornix. What
is the most probable diagnosis?
(a) Fibroid uterus
(b) Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
(c) Adenomyosis
(d) Endometrial carcinoma


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