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. Instructions for Completing the Job Description Template
1. Please use this template for all newly written job descriptions, both new positions and reclassification requests.
2. Please include information on all of the following factors:*
Organization Summary
Position Summary--purpose of the position
Reclassification Request—Describe the changes in the position since the last review.
Major functions of the position (including “essential functions” according to ADA requirements)
The Classification Factors of:
A. Independence/Supervision Received
B. Scope and Impact
C. Problem-solving and Decision-making
Skills, abilities and knowledge required to perform the work
Funding Source/Strategy. Identify the availability of baseline/ongoing funds by entering FOAP or a
funding strategy.
Signature page. Supervisor, department head and senior administrator should sign.
*If a factor does not apply, please indicate “Not applicable.”
3. If applicable, two additional sections should be completed:
i. Addendum I for supervisory positions
ii. Addendum II for positions proposed for IT titles
4. In completing the template, please provide sufficient detail to respond to the questions. The format is not
intended to limit the information you provide, though we encourage brevity in general and ask that “Major
Functions” be limited to no more than two pages.
5. The template incorporates factors of accountability (scope and impact, decision-making), knowledge,
complexity, and innovation (both in problem-solving and decision-making).
6. Include the department level organization chart and the unit which the position is part of. It should be
sufficiently detailed to reflect departmental structure and the position's relationship in the current organization.
Please make sure the position is clearly marked.
7. If the Template is being submitted for a reclassification request, please include a copy of the previous job


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