Job Description: Company Accountant


New Internationalist Publications Limited
23 December 2008
Job description: Company Accountant
Co-operative Responsibilities
The Company Accountant is a member of the New Internationalist Co-operative. All Co-operative members are directly
responsible to the New Internationalist Co-operative. After a period of probation, they are expected to act as directors of
the company and share in Co-operative responsibilities which include :
Attending and contributing to all Co-operative meetings and sharing in the tasks of chairing and minute taking.
Actively participating in the management of the company by being a member of various Co-operative specialist
Team Responsibilities
The New Internationalist Co-operative is split into five teams which deal with the day to day running of the company.
These teams are Editorial, Design, Sales & Marketing, Web and Central Services.
The Company Accountant is a member of and reports to the Central Services Team. This team provides functions which
ensure the smooth running of the Co-operative: office administration, bookkeeping, financial & management accounting
and premises management. As a member of the Central Services Team, the Company Accountant is required to provide
backup for the other members of the team where appropriate.
Job Responsibilities
The Company Accountant is responsible for the overall financial management and day to day bookkeeping of the
company. The specific tasks of the position include :
Financial Strategy : Responsible for reviewing company financial strategy (including the use of profits and
reserves) and making recommendations to the Co-operative where appropriate.
Financial Accounting : Responsible for producing and analysing year end financial accounts; liaising with the
company's auditors, production of statutory accounts and lodgement of the company's taxation return.
Management Accounting : Responsible for producing annual budgets and five year rolling estimates, quarterly
management accounts and ad-hoc reports as required.
Accounting Systems : Responsible for reviewing, updating and implementing existing internal accounting
systems and introducing new systems and controls where appropriate.
Accounting Software : Responsible for maintaining computerised accounting software, ensuring the provision of
adequate third party support for the software and upgrading the software where appropriate.
Expenditure Control : Responsible for monitoring all company expenditure and where appropriate making
recommendations to individuals and teams responsible for budgets.
Co-ordination of additional bookkeeping support as necessary from time to time. This might include managing
temporary workers or mentoring accountancy students on placement.
General Ledger : Responsible for maintaining the General Ledger; setting up new accounts and cost centres
when required; ensuring reconciliation of control accounts; ensuring correct allocation of expenditure to cost
Purchase Ledger: Responsible for accurate processing of all supplier invoices and for their regular payment
(mainly by BACS).
Job Description: Company Accountant
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