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Record Search Request Instructions and Information
Submitting a Request: The Record Search
copies (with the Court seal) require an additional
Request form must be used when submitting a
fee of $5 per document. It is recommended that you
request. Requests submitted on other forms will be
include a credit or debit card number with your
returned to the requestor. Requests must be
request to cover the copy fee and to have them
submitted by mail or other carrier, or in person at
the Judicial Branch Service Center. Requests
Alternatively, you can request that a quote for the
cannot be submitted via email or fax.
copy fees be mailed to you, and this will be
provided as soon as possible. You would then need
Payment: Payment is due when the request is
to submit the quote with your payment via mail.
submitted and can be by check, money order or
credit card. Cash is accepted if the request is hand
A docket record is the most commonly requested
document. A docket record contains the names of
the parties, the type of case, the charges (if a
Record Search Fee: The fee is $20 per name, per
criminal or civil violation matter), date of filing,
box checked in the Court Location(s) section of the
attorney information, judgment information, etc.
Search Parameters. For example: one name to be
Other copies such as the complaint, judgment and
searched with two boxes checked in the Court
commitment and final judgment may also be
Location(s) section requires a $40 fee; two names
available. Copies of court documents are available
with one box checked in the Court Location(s)
in accordance with the Record Retention Schedule,
section requires a $40 fee. Two names with three
Administrative Order JB-05-21. A copy of this order
boxes checked requires a $120 fee. The research
can be found on the Judicial Branch website at
fee is not affected whether the request is for
criminal records, civil records or both criminal and
Administrative Orders.
civil records.
Please contact the Judicial Branch Service Center
Exemptions from the Search Fee: The following
at 207-753-2901 if you have questions regarding
are exempt from paying the search fee:
Individuals performing a search for cases in
Processing Time: Clerks and/or Clerical Staff at
which they were a party.
the Service Center will endeavor to provide the
In-State and Out of State Agencies that
information requested using the following timetable:
perform a general governmental function,
such as State District Attorney offices,
Department of Health and Human Services,
6-10 names within 30 working days
11-15 names within 45 working days
16-20 names within 60 working days
21+ names to be determined by the Clerk
Please refer to Administrative Order JB-05-26,
and/or Senior Service Center Associate
Section III, for further information. A copy of this
order can be found on the Judicial Branch website
Note: Requests to search for records prior to 2000
require additional processing time.
Administrative Orders.
Required Information: Searches on individuals
Reported Information for Found Records: Only
must include the individual’s first and last name.
non-confidential information will be reported. If non-
The date of birth is required for criminal case
confidential records are found for the name(s)
searches. Searches on businesses must include
submitted, the docket number and status of the
the company name. Searches are performed using
case (whether pending or closed) will be reported.
the exact spelling of the first and last name(s) or
If you require additional details regarding the
business name, and date of birth if required, as
case(s) you will need to either purchase a copy of
provided by the requestor. Alias’ are considered a
the docket record or other case documents, or go
separate name and require a separate search fee.
to the court where the case is held to view the file.
Case files and copies are available in accordance
Note regarding searches for civil cases: The
with the Record Retention Schedule, Administrative
database used for civil case searches does not
Order JB-05-21. A copy of this order can be found
collect a unique identifier (e.g., DOB, SSN, etc.);
therefore, the Judicial Branch is unable to certify
the civil case search results. In some instances, it is
Administrative Orders.
possible that the case information being reported is
not for the person you are investigating, but for a
Copies and fees: The fee for copies is $2 for the
person with the same name.
first page and $1 for each additional page. Attested
Rev. 10/15


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