Job Description - Cost Accounting Manager


Cost Accounting Manager
Shepherds Bush, London
Full-time, permanent
Head of Management Accounting
Reports to :
Key Purpose
Manage the team which produces and analyses all costs data (inc staff headcount and freelancers) for actuals,
monthly forecast and annual budget.
Activities / Responsibilities
Manage a team of 7 management accountants (4 direct reports and 7 in total). Manage the day to day
supervision, training and development of the team. Provide objectives and appraisals on an annual basis.
Run the month end process for costs and make sure all deadlines are met. Provide commentary and analysis
of costs against Budget and latest forecast.
Run the monthly forecast process for costs and make sure all deadlines are met. Provide commentary and
analysis of costs against Budget and previous month’s forecast. Provide details of Risks and Opportunities for
costs to ensure that BPP are able to manage the expectations of its shareholders.
Ensure that spending is recorded accurately in the books. Invoices are coded to the correct Nominal/Cost
Centre and Project. This will ensure that variances generated are a true reflection of current financial position.
Provide guidance to the business of the coding structure.
The management accounting team needs to work as a business partner with the company: need to provide
monthly reports to the business so that they are held accountable for their variances against forecast and
budget. Need to work with the business to make sure that the latest forecast is as accurate as possible to
ensure that variances are kept to a minimum. Gain an understanding of each area so as to asses the financial
risks and opportunities. Meet with each Budget holder on a regular basis to support them in meeting their
financial targets
Analyse capex for the business and ensure that capex stays within Budgeted targets. Provide analysis each
month showing variances against Budget and latest forecast. Ensure that capex is re-forecasted each month
and provide analysis against previous forecast and Budget.
Provide monthly summary analysis of headcount and related costs to senior management.
Assist the business with the annual Budget process by engaging with Budget holders to deliver Budgets within
targets. Develop a process that collects the Budgets from the business along with bottom up drivers that
support the budget for each nominal.
Maintain the integrity of the internal control environment (SOX) around the month end process.
Full balance sheet reviews on a monthly basis, look to continually improve balance sheet reconciliations each
month. Follow up on queries. Ensure that balance sheet accurately reflects current assets and liabilities of the
relevant area of the business (i.e. accruals).


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