"Time Clock" Strategy - Scheduling Partners - Appointment Clock


How to Use the “Time Clock” Strategy
For Scheduling Partners
1) Give each student one copy of the Time Clock. (see p.2)
2) Give the following directions:
“We are going to use these sheets to schedule partners for the various
activities that we do in class.
When I say, “Go,” Take a pencil and the clock sheet, and find a partner.
Write your partner’s name in the blank by 12 o’clock .
When you have done that, wait for further instructions.”
Check for understanding.
Give the “Go” signal and allow them time to find a partner.
When they have finished with one partner, have them find a different
partner and repeat the process.
In the same way fill in 3-4 more of the hours that you specify.
i.e. “Make appointments for 3,6, and 9 on the clock.” (It’s usually easier to
fill in only 3-4 at a time.)
3) When you want to use pairs, simply tell the students to meet with their
___o’clock partner. (Select one of the times you’ve had them schedule.)
Note: Keep track of the appointment times you use to easily vary the


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