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Physical Therapy
Job Description for
Physical Therapy
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05/08; 08/12
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Reports To
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Job Summary
The Physical Therapy Clerk/Tech performs general clerical and reception duties in the Rehab
Department. Prepares patients of all ages and equipment for treatment and administers treatment
according to sources and procedures as directed by the Therapist.
1. Aware of the goals, objectives and policies of the Rehab Department and Oroville Hospital and
assists in providing services required in fulfilling these goals
2. Answer the phone and schedule patients
3. Pick up and delivers mail
4. Maintain patient files, type’s forms/correspondence, responds to therapy overhead pages,
miscellaneous errands
5. Preparing Therapy daily charge slips and inputs charges into the computer
6. Maintain attendance log and monthly productivity stats
7. Types Medicare and Medi-Cal forms, maintaining log for each
8. Assists in ordering supplies for office and department
9. Greets patients and notifies Therapist of patient arrival
10. Assist in opening department
11. Maintains adequate quantities of forms
12. On patient discharge, disassembles chart and files
13. Under direct supervision of Therapist:
a. Performs treatment as designated by the Therapist
b. Performs treatment in a timely manner
c. Follows written and verbal instructions
d. Discusses with the Therapist patient response, instructions, and need for treatment update.
14. Assists the Therapist as requested:
a. Assists with patient treatment as needed


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