Sample Exposure Control Plan


Sample Exposure Control Plan
This sample Exposure Control Plan is provided as a guide to help employers create their
own plan.
(Insert Facility/Company Name)
are committed to providing its employees with a safe and
healthful working environment. To create such an environment, the following Exposure
Control Plan (ECP) has been developed to eliminate or minimize occupational exposure to
bloodborne pathogens according to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1030, “Occupational
Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.”
Program Administration
(Insert name of Person or department responsible)
is the program administrator and it is
their responsibility to maintain, and implement this ECP. The ECP must be annually or
whenever necessary due to new or adapted tasks and procedures, be reviewed and
updated to reflect any changes. Contact details: ________________________________
It is the responsibility of the program administrator to:
• Provide and maintain all required personal protective equipment (PPE),
engineering controls, labels and waste bags as required by the standard
• Ensure there are adequate supply levels of the aforementioned equipment
• Ensure that all required medical actions are executed and maintaining all employee
health and OSHA records
• Make the ECP available to all employees, OSHA and NIOSH representatives and
ensure that all training and associated documentation is also available
• Annually review and update the program to ensure effectiveness
All employees that have occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious
materials (OPIM) must always follow the procedures and work practices specified in the
The employees that are covered by the bloodborne pathogens standard will receive an
explanation of the ECP during their first training and their annual refresher training.
Employees can view the ECP at anytime by contacting the program administrator. A
personal copy for those who request it, can be supplied free of charge to employees
within 15 days of the request.
Employee Exposure Determination
The following is a list of all job classifications where all employees have occupational


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