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1. To carry out psychological assessments of health related problems.
2. To design and implement health psychology interventions for groups, communities and
populations in order to achieve health-related behaviour change, drawing upon
appropriate evidence-based theoretical models and motivational skills.
3. To co-ordinate and run intervention groups focusing on health improvement with a broad
range of client groups. Interventions will be delivered in an empathic and sensitive
4. To continually monitor and evaluate clients’ progress and outcomes and make decisions
about intervention options. This should take into account both health psychology
theoretical models and complex factors concerning the cognitive, behavioural and
situational determinants that have shaped the individual and group.
5. To undertake evaluation and overall monitoring of the intervention programmes.
6. To work in partnership with service users.
7. To communicate complex information to clients, overcoming barriers to understanding
and in potentially highly emotive atmospheres.
8. The post holder may be required to work in situations where there are barriers to
acceptance and possible hostility.
9. To provide comprehensive information and advice to clients and deal with general
queries as they arise.
10. To work as a member of a multidisciplinary team and liaise with referring agents when
11. To follow a client -focused and evidence based approach.
12. To consult with relevant external agencies such as social services, independent and
voluntary sector, to facilitate and enable intervention at multiple levels.
13. To communicate confidential and personal information concerning psychological needs,
obtained through assessments and interventions, to referring agents and to the client
14. Is required to travel and work in a variety of settings across a large geographical area.
15. To transport clinical files, health related equipment and lap top computer to and from all
sites as required.
16. Comply with Induction Standards and Code of Conduct for HealthCare Support Workers.
Trainee Health Psychologist Agenda for Change Final (Aug 07/revision Sept 11


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