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1. To maintain the highest standards of clinical record keeping including use of electronic
databases, report writing and working in accordance with professional codes of practice
of the British Psychological Society and NHS Board policies and procedures.
2. To maintain up to date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and issues in
relation to the client/professional group.
3. To maintain accurate and appropriate records in the Practice and Supervision Log as per
Stage 2 Regulations throughout the period of supervised practice.
4. To maintain local activity logs and audit in accordance with local NHS Board
7 B
 Computer/lap top/PowerPoint projector for database, research, e-mail, Internet,
 Computerised and Audio-visual recording equipment for use in assessment and
specialist treatment programmes
 Equipment related to health status eg carbon monoxide monitors.
 Expected to have knowledge of manual handling and other equipment within the area.
 Potential car use for travel
 To maintain appropriate records of own work, in electronic and hard copy, in line with
NHS and Social Care policies and professional guidelines.
 To maintain relevant administrative systems of own work, electronic and hard copy, in
line with relevant guidelines.
 To submit statistical information, activity and quality data of own work as required by the
Stage 2 programme, regional, national bodies or NHS.
 To word process material relevant to the Stage 2 programme (such as essays, case
studies, service- oriented research projects, clinical audits), using suitable word
processing and spreadsheet software.
 To use information technology as appropriate, within direct professional work, research
and interventions.
 To undertake administrative functions including literature searches, maintaining training
Trainee Health Psychologist Agenda for Change Final (Aug 07/revision Sept 11


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