Alton Police Department Good Morning Program Application Form


Good Morning Program
is a call in service for Seniors and/or Shut-ins who live
alone in Alton. It is a joint effort of the Belknap County Sheriff Dispatch, as well as the
local Alton Police Department. This program is to assure family members and the
Police Department that the participating senior or shut-in is all right. The program
works on a self initiated daily call in, where the elder or shut-in would have the
responsibility of contacting (by phone) the County Dispatch Center every day by
10:00am. If after that time, person(s) registered in the program have not checked in, an
Officer would be dispatched to the home of the elder or shut-in and check on their
This is to assist in the locating of those that may be immobilized by an
incident or illness, thus expediting the process of emergency care, if and when needed.
Interested persons, or family members of those who may benefit from the program, can
contact the Alton Police Dept at #875-0757 (Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm) if you have questions
or want to apply. Or, you may contact Amy Braun of the Alton Senior Center at #875-
7102 to sign up for the program.
[See Web Site - Forms/Application Section. Print Form and Submit via Mail or @APD]


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