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Create and implement workshops on stress reduction and end-of-life care for hospital staff
Provide ministry to the dying in culturally diverse settings
Provide bedside spiritual care
Administrate and coordinate pastoral education program
Chaplain resident
1998 - 1999
Successfully completed 4 units of CPE
Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries, San Rafael, CA
Adjunct faculty, 1998-present
Teach spiritual care curriculum related to health care
Advise students for field placement and clinical training
Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center, Santa Cruz, CA
1995 - 1997
Guest Services Associate
Provide logistical and comfort support for patients and families.
Kripalu Center of Yoga & Health, Lenox, MA
Resident member of religious order
Provide project management and support services for large retreat center.
Orient visitors to philosophy, spiritual practices, and schedule.
New Ventures West, San Francisco, CA
Integral Coach Training, 2007
Zen Hospice Project, San Francisco, CA
End-of-Life Counselor Training Program 2002
St. Mary’s Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
CPE Supervisory Training 1999-2004
Clinical Pastoral Education 1998-1999
Naropa University, Oakland, CA/Boulder, CO
Masters of Arts in Creation Spirituality 1999
Interfaith Seminary, Santa Cruz, CA
Ordination as Interfaith minister 1998
Boston University, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications 1985
Presentations/Teaching Experience – Examples
Buddhist students
Intro to Buddhist Chaplaincy
Year-long training; Sati Center for
annually since 2003
Buddhist Studies, Redwood City, CA
April ‘11
Hospice staff
Cultural Humility
San Francisco
March ’11
Countering Compassion Fatigue:
Workshop: Association of Professional
The Caregiver’s Challenge
Chaplains – Annual Conference, Dallas
May ‘10
Hospice staff
Caregivers Renewal Retreat
Workshop: Kaiser Hospice of the
South Bay, Mountain View, CA
January ‘09
10 Stories, Three Streams:
Workshop: Association of Professional
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