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State of Illinois
Instruction Book for Dissolution of Marriage Court Forms
If the judge has enough information, the judge may
If your spouse was not in court to get a copy, you
must send them a copy by 5:00 p.m. on the date
decide right then and fill out the Judgment of
you get the Judgment. Fill out and file a Proof of
Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No
Delivery court form with the Circuit Clerk to show
that you sent the copy. You can find the Proof of
Get a copy of the Judgment that was entered by
Delivery at:
the judge.
2. If your spouse comes to court.
Tell the judge your side of the case and answer
Show evidence including documents and photos.
Give a copy to the judge and a copy to your spouse.
1. If you got permission to go back to a former name, ask
Be prepared to explain why the document or photo
the Circuit Clerk to certify your copy of the Judgment
is important.
of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No
Question witnesses.
Children).There may be a fee for this.
• Tell the judge the name of your witnesses.
2. The Secretary of State and Social Security
• Ask the witnesses questions you prepared in
Administration will want to see a certified copy of the
judgment before changing your name in their records.
• The judge and your spouse can ask questions of
3. Keep your copies of all of your court papers in a safe
your witnesses when you are done.
place. If you lose any court papers that were filed with
The judge decides whether the documents, photos, or
the Circuit Clerk, you can get another copy there.
witness testimony can be considered in making a
There may be a charge for those copies.
decision about your case.
4. In Cook County, and in some other counties, the judge
Tell the judge you have brought a Judgment of
may ask you to get a transcript of the court hearing
Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No
from the court reporter for the court file. Some judges
will not sign your Judgment of Dissolution of
Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No Children) until you
What do I do when my spouse presents their case? (If
return the transcript to the court.
your spouse does not appear for the court date, this part
5. In Cook County, if the judge orders you to get a
will not happen.)
transcript follow these steps:
Your spouse will also get to present their case by
a. If you have a fee waiver, ask the judge to enter an
testifying, giving the judge evidence, and questioning
Order for Free Transcript;
b. Call the court reporter’s office at (312) 603-8405 to
You will get to see any documents and photos your
make sure the transcript is ready; if you do not
spouse brings to court. If you do not think the judge
have the Order for Free Transcript, ask what you
should consider them in making a decision about your
will be charged for the transcript;
case, tell the judge why.
c. When the transcript is ready, pick it up at 69 W.
You may ask questions of your spouse’s witnesses.
Washington St., 9
Floor, Chicago; you will need
Write down your questions while they are speaking to
to bring the Order for Free Transcript or pay the
your spouse or judge.
transcript fee; AND
What happens after both sides present their case? (If
d. Sign the last page of the transcript and return it to
your spouse does not appear for the court date, this will
the judge’s clerk in the courtroom where you got
happen after you present your case to the judge.)
the divorce.
The judge has to make a decision. The decision is
6. In other counties, if the judge orders you to get a
called the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil
transcript speak with the Circuit Clerk for more
Union (Divorce No Children).
information about how to do that.
If the judge needs more information to make a
7. Send a copy of the Judgment to your spouse either by
decision, the judge may set up another court date.
hand or by mail and file a Proof of Delivery with the
Circuit Clerk. You can find the Proof of Delivery at:
Make sure you understand what information is
needed and get it before the new court date.
If the judge needs more time to make a decision, the
judge will let you know the decision later by mailing a
court order or at another court date.
Find Illinois Supreme Court approved forms at:
DV-I 117.2
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