Application For Employment


Kissel Entertainment, LLC.
Application For Employment
Instructions: Print clearly, fill out front and back, sign and date the form.
First Name ______________________________Last Name _____________________________
Social Security Number_______________________________Date of Birth ______________
Street Address _______________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code _______________________________________________________
Phone Number (____)___________________________________
Emergency Contact______________________________________________________
Are you eligible to work in the United States?
Yes _______ No_______
Are you at least 18 years of age? Yes ___ No ___
Do you have a valid Driver’s License? Yes_____ No______
If Yes, State and Number ______________________________________
Do you have any physical defects? Yes_____ No_____
Are you susceptible to any types of diseases or illness? Yes_____ No_____
Are you able to meet the attendance requirements? Yes____ No_____
Have you been convicted of or pleaded no contest to a felony within the last five years?
Yes_______ No_______
If yes, please explain: ____________________________________________________________
Name Of School – Years Attended
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