Sample Action Plan Template


Workplace Travel Plans - A Guide for Implementers
Appendix 5 - Sample Action Plan
Note that this Action Plan is not exhaustive,
but will give you ideas for action for your own site.
Your Employee Travel Survey, site audit and organisational policy audit will highlight other potential actions.
Sample Actions
‘Soft’ Measures
(promoting behavioural change)
Introduce a Cycle to Work scheme and promote through in-house bike displays from
Organise a Bike Maintenance class/ course
Organise cycle training/ on-road skills
Set up a Bicycle Users’ Group to discuss issues and liaise with management
Provide Cyclists’ equipment (pump, puncture repair kit etc.)
Display local area maps for cyclists/ walkers interested in local routes
Participate in National Bike Week events in June (see
Introduce ‘fleet bikes’ for employees to borrow
Provide an electric fleet bike and a folding fleet bike for employees to try
on their commute
Arrange tours of cycling facilities for interested/ new employees
‘Hard’ Measures
(supporting infrastructure)
Conduct a site audit to gauge ease of access for cyclists coming on-site
Survey and improve cycle parking
(see sample Cycle Audit in Appendix 6)
encourage cycling to your site and cater for increases in demand
Survey and improve cyclists’ (and walkers’) changing/ storage/ locker
facilities to encourage cycling and cater for demand
Install showers to cater for cyclists travelling longer distances by bike
Provide a drying room for cyclists to air cycling clothes
Remove discarded bikes from cycle parking to free up space for cyclists (these
bikes can be renovated to use as fleet bikes).
‘Soft’ Measures
Promote walking through organised walking events/ lunchtime walks
Introduce a Slí na Sláinte or similar walking route on-site & promote to staff. Con-
sider launching the route with a staff relay or lunchtime walk.
Participate in an annual Team Walking Event (e.g. Smarter Travel Workplaces Part-
ner Pedometer Challenge, or the Irish Heart Foundation’s Step Challenge)
Offer in-house health checks for people interested in getting more active
Leave umbrellas at reception for employees to borrow on wet days


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