Ministry Event Planning Checklist Template


Ministry Event Planning Checklist
This checklist is being provided to ALL FBBC Ministry Teams. Page 1 must be completed and submitted to
Deacon Oscar Thomie prior to approval of your event (NO EXCEPTIONS). Pages 2-3 are detailed checklist
items that your team will be required to complete during the planning phase of the event. Once your event
has concluded please provide a copy of pages 2-3 to Deacon Thomie.
Ministry Hosting Event
Name of event – what
Description of event
Date of event
Date of event determined
Time of event
Setup requirements of Church Staff
Church staff requirements defined:
( chairs, tables, unlock building, cooler, etc.).
Location of event
Location/venue for event booked
Event coordinator/contact person
What other Ministries will be involved in the event
Event Planning Ministry (EPM) assistance requested
Target audience – who
Who is this event targeted at?
What does the audience need to know?
Target audience determined
Message – what
What do you want to say to the target audience?
What do you want them to know/do?
Message determined
Objectives – why
Be clear about what you hope to achieve with this event.
Event Objective Determined
Date Submitted: ______________
Date Approved: ____________
Signature: ___________________
Signature: ________________


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