Union Resignation Letter Template


Date: _____________________________
Union Name/Address:
Dear Union President and Local Stewards:
I am employed by the State of Illinois, and I perform work in the following Department, Agency,
Board or Commission of the State of Illinois: ____________________________. I primarily
work at the following facility: ______________________________________________.
Effective immediately, I resign my membership from the local Union and all Unions affiliated
with the local Union.
Because I have resigned my membership in the Union, you are no longer authorized to enforce
the Union’s dues checkoff authorization that I signed. Accordingly, I have completed and signed
a revocation of my Union dues deduction authorization, and submitted it to my employer, the
State of Illinois.
From here on out, unless I later elect otherwise, I wish to be considered a fair share employee,
and only responsible for paying the minimum amount required to be paid to the Union under
If you refuse to accept this letter as both an effective resignation and my immediate revocation of
the Union automatic dues deduction, please inform me in writing of exactly what must be done
to revoke my automatic Union dues deduction authorization and resign my membership in the
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