Probability Worksheet With Answers


Probability Worksheet #9 (All) 
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Do the work on a separate piece of paper and show all your work. The correct answers are on at the bottom of the page
Find the probability for each problem below.
1. You roll a single die numbered from 1 to 6.
2. A jar contains 12 caramels, 7 mints and 16
What is the probability of rolling an odd
dark chocolates. What is the probability of
number, expressed as a fraction?
selecting a mint expressed as a fraction?
3. The numbers 4 through 14 are placed in a
4. In a deck of 52 playing cards, what is the
bowl and drawn at random then replaced after
probability of drawing a spade expressed as a
being drawn. Is it likely or unlikely you will
draw a number less than 7?
5. The letters that form the word MISSISSIPPI
6. In a deck of 52 playing cards, are the odds
are placed in a bowl. What are the odds of
favorable that you will draw a heart or a
choosing a “P”?
7. There is a jar of jelly beans with the following
8. There are 29 students available to represent
flavors: 12 are grape, 17 are blueberry, 5 are
the upperclassmen at a fair. 13 are juniors
pineapple and 13 are coconut. What is the
and 16 are seniors. What is the probability, as
probability, expressed as a percent, of
a percent that a senior and junior will be
selecting either a grape or blueberry replacing
it and then a coconut or pineapple?
9. In a deck of 52 playing cards what is the
10. There are 12 men on the basketball team. 2
probability, as a fraction, of drawing a picture
are centers, 5 are guards, the rest a forwards.
card (A,K,Q,J) replacing it and then drawing
What is the probability, as a percent, that out
either a heart or a diamond?
of two players chosen at random they would
be a guard and a forward?
11. You have a jar of marbles in front of you with
12. There are 15 men on the roster of the
the following colors: 7 - red, 12 - blue, 6 -
baseball team. 2 are catchers, 6 are
yellow and 9 - white. What are the odds of
infielders, 4 are outfielders and the remainder
selecting marble that is not blue, replacing it
are pitchers. What is the probability that out of
and then one that is blue?
two players chosen at random they would be
a pitcher and a infielder?
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