Calculating Probability Worksheet


1. Joanna has 8 blue socks, 10 green socks, 5 black socks and 7 white socks in a drawer. What is the probability that
she randomly pulls out:
a) A green sock?
P(green) =
b) A white sock?
P(white) =
c) A color other than green or white? P(not green, not white) =
d) A blue, a green, or a black sock?
P(blue, green or black) =
2. A deck of UNO cards contains the following cards: 11 blue, 11 red, 11 green, and 11 yellow. Each color is
numbered 0 - 10. Jack randomly draws one card. What is the probability that he draws:
a) A yellow card? P(yellow) =
b) A card with a number greater than 6?
P(# > 6) =
c) A blue card with a number less than 4? P(a blue < 4) =
d) A red or a green card with the number 5? P(red 5 or green 5) =
3. A set of blocks, numbered 1 - 25, are tossed in a box. Pamela randomly pulls out one block. What is the probability
that she pulls out:
a) the number 1?
P(1) =
b) a multiple of 3?
P(multiple of 3) =
c) a factor of 20? P(factor of 20) =
d) a number not more than 20
P(# not more than 20) =
4. As Bart was staring at his BUTTERFINGER, he began to contemplate the probabilities that existed. Help Bart
figure out the probability of randomly selecting, from the letters in his candy bar, the following:
a) P(R) =
b) P(vowel) =
c) P(consonant) =
d) A letter contained in the word "tiger"?
P(T, I, G, E, R) =
e)A letter contained in the word “bruin” P(B, R, U, I, N) = __________


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