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5. Using the spinner below, what is the probability of spinning:
a) an even number? P(even) =
b) a number greater than 4?
P(# > 4) =
c) a letter? P(a letter) =
d) any letter or a number less than 5? P(a letter or a # < 5) =
6. In a board game involving the rolling of dice, what is the probability of rolling:
a) P(three 6's in a row) =
b) P(an odd, then an even) =
c) P(a 1, then a 1, then not a 1) =
d) P(a number < 3, then an even #) =
7. A sports memorabilia store has a grab bag that contains 10 antique baseball cards, 4 Hall of Fame Basketball cards
and 6 BYU football cards. Little Johnny get to randomly select exactly 3 cards to keep, if he pays the owner $20 for the
cards. Determine the following probabilities:
P(3 Hall of Fame Basketball cards)
b) P(2 Antique Baseball cards and 1 BYU card)
c) P(1 of each type of card)
8. A deck of cards contains 5 green cards, 5 gold cards and 5 cardinal cards. If Buford the Bruin selects 2 cards, what is
the probablility of:
a) P(Mountain View colors)
c) P(one gold, one cardinal)
b) P(two green cards)
d) P(a Mountain View color, not a Mountain View color)


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