Social Media Strategy Template


1. Set your social media goals/objectives
What do you want to achieve with social media?
Do your social media objectives align with your overall company vision, mission and marketing strate
Are your objectives S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound?
2. Audit your current social media status
What social profiles do you currently manage?
Is control over the passwords centralized? Should any accounts be deleted?
What is the mission statement of each of your social profiles?
3 . Create or improve your social media profiles
Are your profiles filled out properly and thoroughly?
Are all of the accounts and profiles on brand?
Would a new visitor follow me after seeing this profile?
4. Develop your content strategy
What types of content do you want to post to each social network? Who is the target audience?
How often will you post content and how will you promote it
Do you have an editorial calendar and a social media content calendar?
5. Use analytics to track progress and adjust your strategy as need
Have you established the metrics by which you'll measure social media success?
Do you have an analytics or measurment tool prepared to track these metrics?
How often will you analyze your results?
Are you prepared to quickly change your strategy in response to these results?


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