Cover Letter Preparation For College Of Engineering Students


Cover Letter Preparation for College of Engineering Students
Cover letters are an important part of the job search process, and should be tailored to the position which you are
applying. Cover letters communicate the link between your experiences and the position you are pursuing. They also
showcase your capability to communicate effectively, and your unique ability to add value to an organization. They are
typically one page. Save your cover letter as a PDF, and if emailing it, include the text of the cover letter in the body of
the email.
Ima Gatorman
● J. Wayne Reitz Union ● Gainesville, Florida 32611● 352.392.1601
Name of Contact Person, Title
Street Address
City, State ZIP
Job ID # (if Known)
Dear (Contact person’s name, or position if name unavailable):
Opening Section: Who You Are & Why You Are Applying
Use a strong opening sentence to attract the reader’s interest (not a story, which might be in a personal statement instead)
Name the job for which you are applying and how you learned about it
Briefly highlight your education, skills, and experience
If appropriate, mention the name of the person who referred you to the organization
Second Section: Your Skills & Qualifications
Discuss the skills and strengths you bring to the job, and explicitly connect them to the tasks of the job
Provide brief descriptions of a few related achievements or experiences, discussing how it can transfer to the job
Even if you haven’t done the exact things the job entails, you can show your preparedness through transferable skills
Third Section: You & the Company
Demonstrate that you’ve researched the company by incorporating information such as their mission statement, motto, services or
products and relating it to your previous experience, goals, and why you are interested in working for them
State why you think you would be a good fit for the company, emphasizing how you can help the company reach its goals
Some companies may have a focus on helping employees grow, but overall focus on what you offer, not what you want
Closing Section: Wrapping Up
Very briefly restate any important themes, creatively tying them together into a cohesive sales pitch
State that you are available for a personal interview at your reader’s convenience
Make it easy for the person to contact you: list your email address, as well as your number. Even if this information is on the resume, list
it here again, as you do not want to make the employer search for a way to contact you
Thank the reader for their time
Ima Gatorman
(Sign your name if you are printing)
Ima Gatorman


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