Sample Cover Letter


Sample  Cover  Letter
Dr.   R obert   J ones  
ABC   P ediatrics  
Somewhere,   U SA  
Dear   D r.   J ones,  
In   r esponse   t o   y our   r ecent   a dvertisement   i n   t he   J ournal   P ediatric   H ealth   C are,   I   n ote   w ith   i nterest  
that   y our   j ob   r equirements   a re   c ompatible   w ith   m y   b ackground,   e ducation,   a nd   e xperience.     I f   y ou  
have   a ny   i nformation   o n   t he   p ractice,   h ospital   o r   u nit,   a dd   q uality   o r   a sset   y ou   v alue   i n   t he   j ob  
My   o ver   t wenty   y ears   o f   e xperience   a s   a   P ediatric   N urse   P ractitioner   i n   p rivate   p ractice   a nd   t he  
hospital   s etting   m akes   m e   e minently   q ualified   t o   m eet   y our   p atients’   h ealth   c are   n eeds.     I   b ring   a  
history   o f   q uality   p atient   c are   a nd   e xperience   t ogether   w ith   a   p rofessional   a pproach   t hat   w ill  
enhance   y our   p ediatric   p ractice.     T he   a ttached   r esume   h ighlights   m y   d iverse   b ackground.  
I   a ppreciate   y our   t aking   t he   t ime   t o   r eview   m y   c redentials   a nd   e xperience.     I   w ill   c ontact   y our   o ffice  
in   t he   n ext   t wo   w eeks   t o   s ee   i f   y ou   r equire   a ny   a dditional   i nformation   r egarding   m y   q ualifications  
and   t o   l earn   m ore   a bout   t he   e mployment   o pportunity.     T hank   y ou   f or   y our   c onsideration.  
Susan   S mith,   M S,   R N,   C PNP  


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