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T Visa Sample Cover Letter – Domestic Servitude
Evidence That Ms. CLIENT is the Victim of a Severe Form of
Tab 4:
Declaration of Ms. CLIENT, the Applicant. Ms. CLIENT’s statement explains
how a from COUNTRY diplomat named TRAFFICKER induced her with false
promises to come to the United States to work so that she could obtain medical
treatment for a uterine myoma. Once here, Ms. CLIENT was forced to work as
much as fifteen to eighteen hours per day, six to seven days per week. The only
time that Ms. CLIENT was able to leave the house unescorted was to attend a
nearby church on some Sundays when she was not working. Ms. TRAFFICKER
repeatedly humiliated Ms. CLIENT, including forcing her to eat her meals alone
on a broken tabletop, forcing her to shovel snow with no cold weather gear, and
making fun of her medical condition, which caused Ms. CLIENT constant pain.
She also threatened that Ms. CLIENT would get into trouble with the police if she
left, which Ms. CLIENT took to mean that the police could hurt her or even make
her disappear, based on her experiences in COUNTRY.
Tab 5:
Declaration of DR X, Ph.D., Polaris Project. Dr. C has been working with Ms.
CLIENT since XXX. In her assessment of Ms. CLIENT, she noted that Ms.
CLIENT expressed, “that she did not have the freedom to leave the house and that
when she expressed her desire to leave the house, she was told she will be in
trouble with the police. Ms. CLIENT feared that the police was going to arrest
her and she will be sent to jail.”
Tab 6:
Letter from DR THERAPIST, MA, ATR, Therapist at Multicultural Human
Tab 7:
Declaration of WITNESS. Ms. WITNESS, a member and volunteer of
CHURCH, met Ms. CLIENT at church and recalls her crying during the church
services and asking congregation members to pray for her. Ms. CLIENT confided
in Ms. WITNESS about her problems with Ms. TRAFFICKER. Ms. WITNESS
helped Ms. CLIENT to leave Ms. TRAFFICKER’s home, and she recalls Ms.
CLIENT’s fear that Ms. TRAFFICKER would find her.
Tab 8:
Copy of Ms. CLIENT’s Employment Contract with Ms. TRAFFICKER.
According to the contract, Ms. CLIENT was to babysit Ms. TRAFFICKER’ two
children and perform “light housekeeping.” She was also to work 40 hours per
week, with a maximum of five additional hours of overtime.
Tab 9:
Copy of X-ray and medical note from COUNTRY, with translation, diagnosing
Ms. CLIENT’s (medical condition). Ms. TRAFFICKER led Ms. CLIENT to
believe that the primary reason she was coming to the U.S. was to seek medical
treatment for her (medical condition).
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