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T Visa Sample Cover Letter – Domestic Servitude
Evidence that Ms. CLIENT Would Suffer Extreme Hardship Involving Unusual and
Severe Harm Upon Removal from the United States
Tab 17:
U.S. State Department DATE Trafficking in Persons Report- COUNTRY
Excerpt. This report explains that COUNTRY law enforcement will not
intervene to protect Ms. CLIENT from Ms. TRAFFICKER and that legal services
in COUNTRY for trafficking victims are essentially nonexistent.
Tab 18:
Excerpts from USAID COUNTRY Health System Assessment, DATE, which
documents the poor state of the health care system in COUNTRY. The full report
is available at XXXX.
Tab 19:
Africa Confidential, Article, XXXX. This analysis of COUNTRY notes that it is
dominated by one party rule headed by XXXX. The article specifically
references the power of the XXX family in the private sector as well, noting that
XXXX, the President’s daughter, was a key figure in acquiring a public television
station that should “come in handy at election time.” Ms. CLIENT first became
acquainted with Ms. TRAFFICKER through XXXX, who is Ms.
TRAFFICKER’s daughter and Ms. CLIENT’s former employer.
Tab 20:
Letter from PASTOR
See Tab 4, Declaration of Ms. CLIENT, the Applicant ¶¶ 66-69. Ms. CLIENT describes the
hardship she would suffer if forced to return to COUNTRY—she would be unable to obtain
medical treatment for her (medical condition); the counseling services that have helped her
recover would be unavailable to her; and she is afraid that Ms. TRAFFICKER could use her
power and influence to seek retribution against Ms. CLIENT and cause great harm to her.
See also Tab 5, Declaration of Dr C, Ph.D ¶ 5.
See also Tab 6, Letter from Dr Therapist, MA, ATR.
CLIENT meets the definition of a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons as
defined by 22 U.S.C. § 7102(8), which defines the crimes as “the recruiting, harboring,
transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force,
fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage
or slavery.” In this case, TRAFFICKER, a COUNTRY diplomat, recruited and transported Ms.
CLIENT to the U.S. for labor through fraud and used multiple forms of coercion to subject her to
involuntary domestic servitude, as described below.
A. Fraud in Recruitment
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