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T Visa Sample Cover Letter – Domestic Servitude
TRAFFICKER’s house and became increasingly depressed, she often thought about killing
herself. Id.
In DATE, Ms. CLIENT began to attend church on the Sundays that she was not working.
WITNESS, an acquaintance of Ms. CLIENT through the church, recalls that Ms. CLIENT often
took a turn standing during the church service and asked the congregation to pray for her and all
of her problems, and that she often cried. See Tab 7, Declaration of WITNESS ¶ 4.
In DATE, after approximately one year after she arrived in the U.S., Ms. CLIENT had
“come to the end of [her] rope” and decided that what she feared most was remaining in Ms.
TRAFFICKER’ home. With the help of Ms. WITNESS, Ms. CLIENT escaped from Ms.
WITNESS’s house and went to the church. Ms. CLIENT “did not want to stay there for a long
time because [she] thought Ms. TRAFFICKER might find [her.]” Id. ¶
C. Ms. CLIENT is Physically Present in the U.S. on Account of Trafficking
Ms. CLIENT arrived in the U.S. in DATE on an A3 visa to work for Ms. TRAFFICKER,
and escaped from Ms. TRAFFICKER’s house in DATE. Since that time, Ms. CLIENT has
struggled to get back on her feet. Her first temporary housing arrangement ended when she ran
out of money. After living with another friend, she was accepted for housing and social services
by the Polaris Project, a Washington, DC-based anti-trafficking organization. Dr. Dr X, who is
currently assisting Ms. CLIENT, notes that “as a result of the experiences [Ms. CLIENT] had to
endure at her employer’s house, she was constantly feeling sad, experienced suicidal thoughts
and had a hard time trusting people for two years after [escaping] her trafficking situation.” See
Tab 5, Declaration of Dr X ¶ 5. Even now, Ms. CLIENT continues to receive case management
services from the Polaris Project. Id. ¶ 7.
Ms. CLIENT is still present in the U.S. as a result of the initial trafficking that brought
her here. She has been dealing with effects of being traumatized by Ms. TRAFFICKER since
that time, and is still afraid to return to COUNTRY. Accordingly, she is present in the U.S. as a
result of the initial act of trafficking that brought her here.
D. Ms. CLIENT Fully Cooperated with Law Enforcement
Ms. CLIENT cooperated with law enforcement in the investigation of her case. She
reported the crime of trafficking to law enforcement and participated in an interview with
Myesha Braden of the U.S. Department of Justice. See Tabs 14-15. Ms. CLIENT also made
herself available to participate in additional interviews as needed. Unfortunately, the DOJ
concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution. See Tab 16,
Letter from XXX.
The DOJ’s response is consistent with reports of the difficulties of prosecuting
diplomats, who enjoy full immunity from criminal prosecutions. See GAO Report, Tab 12, p.
1-2 (noting that even in high-profile trafficking cases, the diplomats could not be prosecuted
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