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Incidents: MUST be reported to management
Hazard Control: contain chemicals as instructed; avoid exposure to infections; be alert for
safety hazards in the environment such as tripping or electrical; good ergonomics; and
recognize job related stressors
Violence prevention: Treat everyone with respect
The agency will identify materials potentially used by all staff that requires special handling to
minimize the risk of unsafe use and insure improper disposal. The agency lists hazardous
materials in the Material Safety Datasheet manual and references web content provided and
maintained by the US Department of Health and Human Resources. The MSDS contains
specific information regarding hazardous materials.
All employees who work with or may be exposed to hazardous materials under normal working
conditions or foreseeable emergencies have the need and “right to know” what health and
physical hazards exist from chemicals found in the work place.
The agency establishes and implements processes for handling , transporting, and disposing of
hazardous materials and waste including chemicals, infectious or regulated medical waste, and
sharps containers.
The agency will promote proper and safe disposal of, or arrange for the disposal of, all
hazardous waste. The agency will be responsible for maintaining a waste management plan,
resourcing employees and clients, and assuring that all required records are completed and


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