Teaching Practice Action Plan


SGAP - Handout 4c
Teaching Practice Action Plan
The goal I will work on in my classroom:
I will change the way I structure my centers so that children interact with more team members during activities.
Steps to achieve this goal--
Resources needed:
By When:
1-2 hour after school, websites, training
1. Learn about another way to structure my centers
Monday (9.10)
2. Meet with team members to discuss new center structure
Use regular planning time on Wednesday
3. Try it out for a week while video taping or take notes about interactions, review
Video camera, coach to set it up,
clipboard for each member to take notes
4. Decide if the new way encouraged more interactions and make changes as needed
Discuss with coach and team
 I know I achieved this goal because:
 I am making
 I need to make
progress toward
changes to my
My team and I have implemented a structure for centers that allows each of us to
this goal and will
plan to achieve this
interact with all of the children during center time.
keep implementing
goal by revising the
my action plan
goal or changing
the action steps
Practice-Based Self-Coaching Field Test – August 2012 – Draft Version 2.0


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