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A Family Newsletter
Greetings, Family!
In science class, we are beginning a science unit called Matter and Heat.
Matter is the “stuff” that everything is made of. During this unit,
students will use their senses to examine the physical properties of mat-
ter—how something looks, sounds, feels, smells, and tastes. Please let me
know if your child is allergic to any food item. They will learn why some
objects float and others sink, and why things melt and freeze. They will
also learn about mixtures and explore ways of separating them.
Ordinary things in and around your home can make science interest-
ing and real for your child. Play the “I Spy” game and take turns de-
scribing objects for each other to guess. Experiment with floaters and
sinkers in the bathtub. Look in the refrigerator for solids and liquids.
Ask your child to help mix the ingredients in a recipe you are making,
or separate the lights from the darks in a basket of laundry.
We are also collecting the items listed below. Can you donate
any of them? If so, we need to receive your donated items by
1 bag of chocolate chips
insulating materials, such as
shoe boxes
newspaper, foam packaging
material, rags, aluminum foil,
and so on
Finally, we can always use your help in the classroom. Do you or
other family members have a particular interest or special experience
with science? Would you be able to help with activities? If so, please
fill out the form below and have your student return it to class.
Thank you very much for your help!
Family Newsletter
Matter and Heat


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