A Family Newsletter Template


A Family Newsletter
Greetings, Family!
In science class, we are beginning a Life Science unit called Organisms.
During this time, students will learn about differences between
living and nonliving things.
For some activities, your child will be asked to collect leaves and a
small animal, such as an earthworm or a ladybug. Safety is important.
To avoid possible allergic reactions to certain plants, such as poison
ivy, we ask that you go with your child. He or she should wear garden-
ing gloves or disposable plastic gloves. Each leaf should be placed in a
separate plastic bag. Each small animal should be placed in a small jar
with a lid. Please punch holes in the lid.
We are also collecting the items listed below. Can you donate any of
them? If so, we need to receive your donated items by ______________.
apple or potato
paring knife
plastic margarine tubs with lids
bleach (small bottle)
bran cereal or original oatmeal
potting soil
foam-plastic packaging “peanuts”
glass or clear-plastic jars, quart-size
small plastic or rubber replicas
and small to fit inside quart jar
of animals
Finally, we can always use your help in the classroom. Would you be
able to help with activities? If so, please fill out the form below and
have your student return it to class.
Thank you very much for your help!
Family Newsletter


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