Sample Dental Laboratory Technician Job Description Template


Employees in this job serve as dental laboratory technicians applying the methods and techniques
required to fabricate and repair prosthetic dental appliances. The work is performed in correctional
facilities and may involve assisting in the training, overseeing and quality control review of inmates in
dental laboratory work.
There are five classifications in this job.
Position Code Title - Dental Laboratory Technician-E
Dental Laboratory Technician 8
This is the entry level. The employee works in a learning capacity performing a range of dental
laboratory technician assignments under close supervision.
Dental Laboratory Technician 9
This is the intermediate level. The employee works in a developing capacity with increased
responsibility for performing a range of dental laboratory technician assignments.
Dental Laboratory Technician E10
This is the experienced level. The employee performs a full range of dental laboratory technician
assignments, and uses considerable independent judgment in making decisions requiring the
interpretation and application of guidelines with considerable latitude to specific work situations.
Position Code Title - Dental Laboratory Technician-A
Dental Laboratory Technician 11
This is the advanced level. The employee at this level serves either as a lead worker responsible for
overseeing the work activities of other Dental Laboratory Technicians or as a senior worker performing
the most complex dental laboratory technician assignments. Senior-level employees perform complex
assignments beyond those expected at the experienced level which have been approved by Civil
Position Code Title - Dental Laboratory Technicn-SS
Dental Laboratory Technician 12
This is the staff specialist level. The employee uses specialized technical knowledge in performing
highly complex dental laboratory technician assignments involving authority for an assigned program.
Staff specialist positions have sole and full time responsibility for an assigned program area, and are
recognized through approval by Civil Service.
Employees generally progress through this series to the experienced level based on satisfactory performance
and possession of the required experience.
The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification. Not all
duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty.
Pours plastic and stone models of dental prosthetics.


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