Checklist For New Employee Orientation Form


Check off each item as you discuss them with the employee. Many of the items below will also be discussed in
more detail during the monthly new employee orientation as provided by the Human Resources Section (HR) for
Juneau offices. Please send a signed copy to the Human Resources Section for the employee’s personnel file.
_______Provide and explain each of the employment and benefit forms to the employee including the following policies:
_______State Office Technologies _______Admin. Order 81 _______ Drug Free Workplace_______
_______Explain the Ethics Act and provide the handbook (also discussed during the monthly presentation by HR).
_______View the Ethics video in all locations other than Juneau (provided monthly by HR in Juneau).
_______Provide the Group Health Care Handbooks or explain where it is located on the Internet.
_______Provide the "Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act...." information sheet.
_______Explain that all newly appointed employees will receive a deduction of 1.45% for Medicare coverage.
_______Explain the SBS Annuity and that 6.13% will be deducted from their check and matched by the State.
_______Inform the employee that 6.75% will be deducted from their check for PERS and the Information Handbook will be
mailed to them directly.
_______Inform the employee of their collective bargaining unit (if applicable).
_______Advise the employee to report within a ten-day period to their local union office on their own time.
_______Inform the employee of the pay procedures and payroll information:
(yes or no)
_______a. Their job class ____________ beginning range/step _______and semi monthly salary______ OT elig _____
_______b. Explain the pay periods run semi-monthly from the 1
of the month to the 15
, and from the 16
the last day of the month. Official pay days are the 15
and the last day of each month.
_______c. Explain the timesheet requirements for overtime eligible employees. Leave slips for overtime exempt.
_______d. Leave accrual rates ________ personal leave or _________annual and __________sick.
_______Inform the employee of the length and purpose of the probationary period (6 months from the hire date for ranges 5-13
and one year for ranges 14 and above).
_______Explain the evaluation procedures (time frames, purpose, etc.).
_______Advise the employee of the smoking policy within your building.
_______Discuss the general type of work performed by the unit and the department as a whole.
_______Describe the purpose of the position and its function within the unit (provide a copy of the position description).
_______Give a tour of the work area, restrooms, fire exits, refrigerator, coat handing area and vending machines. Introduce the
employee to key administrative staff, the floor monitor so they may be shown the evacuation plan in case of
emergencies, and other departmental employees as appropriate.
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