Periodic Table Color Coding Activity Worksheet


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color coding the periodic table - activity
a. Get a Periodic Table and this Instruction Sheet hand-out.
b. Complete the directions below. Make a legend on the back of the table to show what each color/outline represents.
1. Color the alkali metals red.
2. Color the alkaline earth metals blue.
3. Color the transition metals dark green.
4. Color the boron group brown.
5. Color the carbon group purple.
6. Color the nitrogen group pink.
7. Color the oxygen group light blue.
8. Color the halogens orange.
9. Color the noble gases yellow.
10. Color the inner transition metals light green. (actinides and lanthanides)
11. Outline the section of metals in black.
12. Outline the section of metalloids in green.
13. Outline the section of monmetals in red.
14. Label the groups with 1 - 8 at the top of each group.
15. Label the periods with 1 - 7 at the left of each row.


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