A Vocabulary Word A Day Assessment & Quiz Template


Performance Standard 1A.J
Students will develop their own vocabulary list by presenting to the class one vocabulary word each day from their
reading. Each student will document the source of the word, provide its definition(s) and use in a sentence, and
present the word to the class orally. Class members will take notes on vocabulary words and prepare for a quiz at the
end of the assignment accordingly:
Developing a presentation plan: include parts of plan (e.g., original sentence, word analysis, definition(s), new
sentence, memory aid).
Presenting to the class: present the parts of the assignment; answer questions about the word or its use; link
memory aid to the word.
Assessing: (double this score) identify definitions, word analysis and use in a sentence.
1. In order to apply word analysis and vocabulary skills to comprehend selections, (1A),.provide students with
sufficient learning opportunities to develop the following :
Analyze and interpret specialized vocabulary/terminology.
Apply knowledge of word origins and derivations in a variety of practical settings.
Extend ideas and enrich vocabulary through independent exploration of words.
Select/use strategies to analyze the meaning of abstract concepts to facilitate comprehension.
2. Have students review and discuss the assessment task and how the rubric will be used to evaluate their work.
3. The teacher may select the text from which vocabulary words are taken, or the class may determine which
pages they can search to find the words. (Note: Some new literature texts have pre-determined vocabulary lists
for lessons.)
4. Each student is assigned the task of selecting and researching one vocabulary word. The word(s) should be
announced to the class to avoid duplication.
5. Each student prepares a short teaching activity and memory aid, to present the word to the class. These
presentations should be limited to 2 minutes each, and three or four each day. (See the “Share a Vocabulary
Word” assignment and task sheet attached.)
6. The teacher may assign the specific day to present each word.
7. At the assigned time, the student will present the short teaching activity, including the memory aid, definitions,
sample sentence using the word, etc.
8. Each student will take notes on the definition(s) and use(s) of the word and prepare his/her word list for review
and study. A quiz over randomly selected words from the list will be given after all words have been presented.
(See quiz template.)
9. Evaluate each student’s performance using the rubric. Add each student’s scores to determine the performance
Examples of Student Work not available
Copies of the “Share a Vocabulary Word a Day”
task sheet and directions
Vocabulary notebook
Time Requirements
Quiz template
8 - 10 minutes for the daily teaching of
A Vocabulary Word a Day Rubric
vocabulary words
15 - 20 minutes for the quiz


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