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TCE Grant Program Terms and Conditions
These special terms and conditions neither restate all the provisions of the applicable statues and regulations, nor
represent an exhaustive listing of all requirements applicable to this award. Rather, they are emphasized by inclusion here
because they represent areas where issues were identified in the past.
The grant recipient’s signature on Form 9661, Cooperative Agreement, signifies the agreement to all terms and
The grant recipient is obligated to provide management and technical direction for their program and adhere to the
provisions established by this agreement.
The grant recipient and any sub-recipient organizations must adopt and practice a non-discriminatory policy and
practice a policy that meets all federal grant requirements.
Revisions to the Form 8653, Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program Application Plan, and the Program and Budget
Plans must be submitted within twenty (20) calendar days from notification of award to the IRS Grant Program Office
electronically and approved by IRS prior to funding being released. In addition, Form 9661, Cooperative Agreement
and Form 13533, Sponsor Agreement are also due within 20 calendar days from notification of award as well.
Subsequent changes to the budget between object class categories may be made without pre-approval when the
change is 10% or less of the total award. Approval of changes greater than 10% must be requested in advance
electronically and approved before the change may be made. The maximum award amount does not change.
The grant recipient must notify IRS within ten (10) business days when changes in key personnel involved in the
program occur. IRS will research the Excluded List System to ensure they are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise
excluded from or ineligible for a federal award. You may check this yourself before hiring or designating a change by
visiting the Excluded Parties List System at
The grant recipient must utilize the Payment Management Services, Health and
Human Services, for withdrawal and
reporting of fund expenditures. Advance funds may only be withdrawn for expenditures that will be incurred within
three (3) business days of the receipt of the funds. Reimbursement funds may be withdrawn at anytime for allowable,
allocable, and necessary expenditures already incurred.
It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to notify both the
Grant Program Office and HHS with changes in the contact information or banking information for the PMS System.
Timely responses and reporting is required as explained in the Grant Reporting Requirements. The
submission of all requested information, as well as timely and accurate reports, is required for future
consideration for subsequent year grants. Extensions for providing the requested information and filing the reports
will only be granted in unusual circumstances and only for information or reports due to the Grant Program Office.
Recipients may request an extension but it must be submitted in writing at least five (5) business days prior to the due
date and the grantee must receive written response confirming the extension before the due date. The Grant
Program Office cannot grant extensions for the Payment Management System or sub-award reporting.
Financial systems must provide for the identification of the source of and application of funds for the TCE Program.
Grant recipients must maintain documentation of TCE expenditures for a minimum period of three (3) years from the
end of the program.
Federal funds may not be used to pay individuals for the preparation of returns, quality review and/or screening
taxpayers. Funds may be used for individuals providing technical support, clerical support, and administrative support
for the TCE program and grant recipients must document their time accordingly to ensure they are paid for their
10. At this time, Federal law prohibits the IRS and all recipients of TCE funds from providing grant funds to the
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, allied
organizations, or successors as sub-grantees, subcontractors or other sub-recipients. This prohibition may be lifted
by next fiscal year. Contact the Grant Program Office for up-to-date information about this prohibition.
11. The grant recipient must notify the Grant Program Office of any cash sub-awards of $1,000 or more. Notification must
be within 30 days of the sub-award and include the entity name, DUNS number, and amount of award. Recipients are
not required to report non-cash sub-awards to the Grant Program Office, such as when the grantee purchases
supplies for the entity. Sub-awards involving both cash and non-cash only need to be reported if the cash award is
$1,000 or greater.
Catalog Number 20829N
(Rev. 4-2015)


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