Sample Letter To A Campaign


Sample Letter to a Campaign
Dear [Member of Congress/Congressional] candidate:
I am writing to urge you to address the critical issue of ending homelessness in your [state/district]. Creating
supportive housing – affordable housing connected to supportive services – for highly vulnerable homeless people is
not just a humanitarian decision; it is a fiscally prudent way to tackle the problem of homelessness. Studies show
how supportive housing is a more cost effective use of resources than what a night in an emergency room or jail
would cost. By moving vulnerable homeless people away from costly emergency rooms and other public institutions
you will be serving the taxpayers in your district well in difficult budgetary times.
We hope that during your campaign that you can speak publically about the problem of homelessness and your
proposed solutions.(Please note: If there is a local homeless plan that is being circulated around your district,
please ask them to support such a plan, and state why that plan would work) Homelessness won’t be solved
unless we are more strategic and efficient about how utilize our scarce resources.
In order to show you the good, cost-effective work we are doing firsthand, we would be happy to facilitate a tour of
one of our supportive housing projects within your district. (Please note alternatively you can request a meeting in
their district or campaign office).
After learning about our programs first-hand, we hope that you will support the HUD McKinney-Vento program and
other federal programs that effectively address homelessness when the time arises. If we can provide any further
information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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