Wine Poem Templates


First Anniversary
First Baby
Wedding Night
On your first anniversary you’ll
The news that a baby
First Dinner Party
Wonder where the time has gone,
Will soon share your life,
The night you have dreamed
of is finally here,
No longer are you newlyweds,
Will make you a mother not only a wife.
You’ll open your home for guests to eat,
Soon you’ll be pros.
A place for old friends to catch up
The future surrounds you
You’ll see the child through
And new ones to meet.
With hope and yet fear.
good times and bad,
The days have found you
In good health and spirit,
When the night is over
__________ the loving mother,
You’ve been to the chapel and
Two hosts will share this wine,
And __________ the dearest dad.
Married your soulmate,
Keep saying I love you
One always needs to hear it.
Don’t sit down just yet,
Now__________ must drink this one alone,
So sip this wine and toast this date.
Pull up your sleeves
__________ with an empty glass.
Now raise your glass to this date,
— It’s clean up time.
The night is meant for you each to share,
As the first, not the last.
Sit back and relax,
__________ and __________
Nine months will quickly pass!
—a perfect pair.
And as you build your future,
Don’t ever forget the past.
Christmas Eve
First New Year’s
Girls Night Out
First Fight
A wise man said wine is better than beer,
Friends are like a good glass of wine,
Love as you might,
On January 1st,
And now is the season for
While sharing some kisses...
You just want to spend more time.
You’ll have your first fight...
lots of holiday cheer.
Drink this wine,
Drink this bottle,
Sipping and giggling like a little girl,
To toast the New Year
So pop the cork and relax a bit.
The days long gone by of pretty frills
While you make up all night.
As Mr. and Mrs.
And when the night is through,
There’s just nothing like a night out
Kiss good night, close your eyes,
with the girls.
And Santa will be good to you!


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