Form 2587 - Application For Special Enrollment Examination


Form 2587 (Rev. June 2001)
Preparation for Examination
All questions in the 2001 examination will refer to the Internal Revenue Code as amended through December 31, 2000. Questions for
the most part will relate to tax year 2000. It will be so stated if the question refers to a tax year other than 2000.
Request for 2000 Examination Questions and Official Answers
If you would like to have a paper copy of the 2000 Special Enrollment Examination questions and official answers, you may obtain one,
free of charge, by contacting one of the following organizations:
National Association of Enrolled Agents
National Association of Tax Practitioners
200 Orchard Ridge Dr., Suite 302
720 Association Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Appleton, WI 54914-1483
(301) 212-9608
1-800-558-3402 (U.S.)
(301) 990-1611 (Fax)
1-800-242-3430 (WI)
1-800-747-0001 (Fax)
National Society of Tax Professionals
National Society of Accountants
P.O. Box 2575
1010 North Fairfax Street
Vancouver, WA 98668-2575
Alexandria, VA 22314
(360) 695-8309
(703) 549-6400
(360) 695-7115 (Fax)
(703) 549-2984 (Fax)
ATTN: EA Exam Department
2001 SEE Kit Study Material Request
You may request the SEE Kit by internet @
or you may order, free of charge, the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publications which provide much of the basic information to assist you in preparing for the examination. In
addition, IRS produces most of the information included in the SEE Kit electronically on “The Federal Tax Products” CD-ROM (Publication
1796). Only a few products are not included on this CD-ROM, however, we will supplement the necessary “printed” copy materials needed of
each missing product. Please select either the “PRINTED COPY” version or the “ELECTRONIC/CD-ROM” version of the 2001 SEE Kit Study
material by entering an “x” next to your preference below.
Electronic or CD-ROM (Publication 1796) Version of the 2001 SEE Kit Study Material (Plus the Printed Copy Version of Items not
included on the CD-ROM)
Printed Version of the 2001 SEE Kit Study Material (Check the appropriate box(es))
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
All Parts
The following minimum configurations are required to use the CD-ROM:
Windows 3.1 or later/Windows95
-Macintosh 68020-68040: 2 megabytes of application RAM
-386, 486, or Pentium-based personal computer;
-Power Macintosh: 4.5 Megabytes of application RAM
-4 Megabytes of RAM
-Apple System Software version 7.5 or later
-Windows-compatible printer with at lease 1 Mb of user RAM
-CD-ROM drive capable of reading ISO 9660 format
Also, please fill in your name and complete mailing address. Please print “SEE” in the lower left front corner of your envelope and send
your request to:
Please expedite shipment of
packet(s) of IRS Special Enrollment Examination Study Material to the name and address shown
Zip Code
Form 2587 (Rev. 6-01)
Cat. No. 18668Q
Part 3


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