Form Ct-397 - Report Of Annual License Fee - 2014


New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Report of Annual License Fee
Agricultural Cooperative Marketing or
Financing Corporations and
District Heating/Cooling Cooperatives
Cooperative Corporations Law, Article 5
Print or type
For calendar year
Employer identification number
File number
Business telephone number
Legal name of corporation
Trade name/DBA
State or country of incorporation
Mailing name (if different from legal name)
Date received (for Tax Department use only)
Number and street or PO box
Date of incorporation
ZIP code
Date began business in NYS
If address/phone above
Audit (for Tax Department use only)
If you need to update your address or phone information for corporation tax, or
is new, mark an X
other tax types, you can do so online. See Business information in Form CT-1.
in the box . ....................
Payment - pay $10.00 — Make check or money order payable to: New York State Corporation Tax
Payment enclosed
. . . Attach your payment here.
(See instructions for details.)
The above corporation was incorporated under the Cooperative Corporations Law on
(mm - dd - yy)
for the purpose of
Certification: I certify that this report and any attachments are to the best of my knowledge and belief true, correct, and complete.
Printed name of authorized person
Signature of authorized person
Official title
E-mail address of authorized person
Telephone number
Form CT-1, Supplement to Corporation Tax
• Reporting requirements for tax shelters
• Tax shelter penalties
See Form CT-1 for the following topics:
• Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program
• Changes for the current tax year (general and
• Your rights under the Tax Law
by Tax Law Article)
• Need help?
• Business information (how to enter and update)
• Privacy notification
• Entry formats
Who must file
— Dates
Section 77 of the Cooperative Corporations Law exempts certain
— Negative amounts
cooperative corporations from franchise taxes, corporation taxes,
— Percentages
or license fee requirements under Tax Law, Article 9, section 181. In
— Whole dollar amounts
place of those taxes and the license fee, the following corporations
• Are you claiming an overpayment?
must file this form and pay an annual license fee of $10:
• NAICS business code number and NYS principal business
Agricultural cooperative marketing corporations, with or without
capital stock, organized for the purpose of marketing agricultural
• Third-party designee
Agricultural cooperative financing corporations, with or without
• Paid preparer identification numbers
capital stock, organized for the purpose of making loans to their
• Is your return in processible form?
members producing agricultural products;
• Use of reproduced and computerized forms
Cooperative corporations with annual sales of less than
• Electronic filing and electronic payment mandate
$500,000, organized for the purpose of purchasing food
products for sale to their members;
• Web File
Heating/cooling cooperative corporations without stock, that
• Form CT-200-V
have federal Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(12)
• Collection of debts from your refund or overpayment
status and are organized for producing and/or distributing
• Fee for payments returned by banks
district heating and/or cooling services solely for use by their


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